Fall Protection

Guardian Issues Inspection Notice for SRL

Guardian Fall Protection has discovered a small number of isolated housing screws backing out of Edge SRLs. The units affected by this notice are limited to 20’ or 30’ Edge Series Cable SRLs with a “G” engraving on the top of the unit housing. We have tested a representative sample of units with the housing screws removed, and all units exceeded all OSHA and ANSI requirements. Click this link for the full notice Guardian Edge – Inspection_Notice___Edge_Series_Cable_SRLs

CDC/NIOSH Ladder Injury Study

From Maryann:

Hi Everyone – There are a lot of falls from ladders.  The CDC/NIOSH has recently published a study about ladder injuries.  This study provides a good deal of data on the height of the fall, gender of employee, type of industry and other issues. Below is a link to the study. This may be useful to you as you plan and provide ladder safety training. NOTE: CDC issued an errata removing a statistic from the sentence “43% of fatal falls involved ladders”.   http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6316a2.htm