March Meeting Update

The March meeting was held 3/4/2015. The focus was on diisocyanate exposure in construction. This chemical hazard is found in many spray foams in use today. Guest speakers were Adam Wisnewski, PhD,  a senior research scientist from the Yale University Occupational & Environmental Medicine Program and Tyler Fiske from Anchor Insulation. SAFER would like to thank both speakers for sharing the expertise on the subject. Thank you also to Dennis Mullen, Gilbane Safety, for sponsoring the breakfast.

The meeting kicked off with safety updates from Bob Kunz, Dimeo Safety Director, and OSHA related updates from Ed Conway, OSHA Compliance Assistance.  Then, Adam Wisnewski, PhD, discussed his research associated with diisocyanate exposure, including spray foam insulation. After that Tyler Fiske discussed best management practices associated with application of spray foam insulation.

It was clear that both guest speakers knew a lot about diisocyanate exposure. Attendees asked a lot of questions and everyone took something away from the meeting.

After meeting remarks and link updates from Bob Kunz:

“Team SAFER,

I hope everyone enjoyed the very informative meeting this morning.  I would like to again thank Adam and Tyler for their participation.  Great job! 

NOTE:  Do not forget to utilize  the hyperlinks provided in the meetings announcement (below the line) for additional information on this subject.  I would also like to provide the following links in support of the topic and the OSHA’s  memorandum dated December 24, 2015: 

– OSHA memorandum:

– Commonwealth of MA Spray Foam Workshop:


Links from the original meeting announcement:

To include discussion surrounding exposure assessment and control in presence of spray foam in construction.  Resources – see following hyperlinks:  The Spray Polyurethane Foam Association (SPFA), the Center to Protect Worker’s Rights (CPWR), OSHA Safety and Health Topic (SLTC) and Compliance Directive (CPL 03-00-017), and Electric Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health (ELCOSH), for example.


The SAFER alliance meets at New England Institute of Technology, which is located at 2500 Post Road in Warwick, RI.  If you park in the rear of building you would enter through double doors and proceed to the Hall of Fame room located on 2nd floor.