November Meeting

The next meeting is Wednesday, November 6, 2019 8:00 AM-10:00 AM.

It will be held at the New England Institute of Technology 2480 Post Road 2nd Floor Hall of Fame Room (parking in rear of building).

From Bob:

Over the past few months, we have discussed emergency action, or crisis response planning. It has been a quiet room, which suggests that more discussion is prudent.  There is no shortage of events in the national news, for example:  wildfire, building and tower crane collapse, and shootings.  But, as we all know, an event doesn’t have to elevate to national news for it to become an emergency or crisis. This month, we thought it might be helpful to learn how the State of RI is planning for emergencies.

To that end, the RIDOH Center for Emergency Preparedness will be discussing the following:

  *   The Center for Emergency Preparedness

  *   The RI Medical Emergency Distribution System

  *   The RI Special Needs Emergency Registry

The program will be lead by Travis Vendetti, BS, Assistant Medical Countermeasures Program Director, Center for Emergency Preparedness & Response, Rhode Island Department of Health

Following the RIDOH presentation we will open the room up to a roundtable discussion regarding the safety and health program activities that delivery the greatest value and that promote active engagement by works and management.

This month’s coffee and calories is being  provided by Manafort Brothers, Inc.

Please RSVP.

Remember bring a story, bring a friend.